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Sally Haywood

I decided to become a school governor as my first child was in year one at the time and I was very interested in her education and things that were happening at Burton Leonard Primary. Nine years later I am still a governor and two of my other children have had the privilege of attending our wonderful school. It has been a very insightful experience and I have been able to apply my knowledge gained in my workplace to some of my governor tasks. The school is a different place from nine years ago and I have been fortunate enough to witness the fantastic changes that we have all been part of.

Karen MacGillivray Fallis

I live in Burton Leonard and my son joined the school in September 2015 as a pupil in Year 2. I joined the Board of Governors in September 2016 and I have also held the post of Chair of FOBLS since October 2015.  I was keen to get involved with the life of the school as for me it had so many benefits. As a School Governor, I can influence the strategic direction of the school and I feel that my opinion matters and I am heard.  I can feel confident in contributing to the vision of the school which has a positive impact on not just my child but every child at Burton Leonard.

I completely value a broad and enriching education that both nurtures and challenges. My career has been spent mostly in Learning and Development and I have met many adults who did not get that great start in life but have been lucky to come to education later. I want something different for our children at Burton Leonard.

I have been a Board member on various management boards including a College and as well as having my own business, I am Course director for an MSc in York.

Susan Riley

“I joined the Governing Body when my son started in Reception.  I felt that it would be a good way to be closely involved with the school, and I was keen to work with the brilliant staff team, supporting them in their work.  There was a vacancy for a Foundation Governor.  Foundation Governors are appointed to Church of England schools by the Diocese and are the school’s link with the local church community.  They also have a special interest in ensuring that the school has a well-developed Christian ethos, and that all children have the best opportunities and are valued as individuals.  Not all children will be a member of a church, but we ensure that their lives and the life of the school is enriched through exposure to a range of worship forms, and an exploration of the spiritual side of life.  While my son was at nursery I had trained in ‘Helping In Schools,’ and being a Governor has meant that I can continue my interest in education, with my particular fields of interest being Early Years and Literacy. In this role I have been able to use existing skills I have, and also to develop new ones, making it a very interesting and rewarding role.”

Magnus Bordewich

I have been a governor at Burton Leonard school for several years, as my own children have moved through the school from Reception, through Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. My youngest child is currently in Year 3, and my oldest child moved to secondary school in September. During this time I have served on the Finance and Resources Committee, and now chair that committee. It has been a period of great change in the education sector and we are constantly reviewing the stability of the school and determining what is the best direction for the future.

In my own career I work at the opposite end of a young person’s education, as a university lecturer. This gives me a useful long term perspective on the children, and an appreciation of the importance of a solid educational foundation for children going on to achieve in any avenue later in life.

Steven Withy

I have been on the governing body for the last seven years and with my wife Louise have an eldest daughter that has recently left for secondary and a son that has over 2 years left at the school.

I got involved with the school when it was necessary to provide support for health, safety and resources. Since then I have seen the school go from strength to strength and it truly is a fantastic place to be involved with.

During the week I work as a Chartered Surveyor for a construction company where I have been involved in building new facilities for many primary schools and further education premises.

In my spare time I love to go mountain biking, road biking and regularly visit the Scottish and Welsh mountain ranges to get some excellent fresh air!