This year we are aiming to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark. 

We love exploring our wonderful world in our science lessons.

“Taught weekly, hands-on, collaborative thinking, practical and fun – this is us!”

Our work in Science is planned from the North Yorkshire Scheme of Work. We have exciting WOW science lessons built into our curriculum with hands-on opportunities to learn basic scientific concepts. Our children have the opportunity to dissect hearts and eyeballs as well as create lava lamps, balloon hovercrafts, storm clouds in a jar, colourful flower experiments and kitchen experiments with lemons, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. We hold whole school themed science days to see progression in skills and knowledge across all ages. Our Bubble Science Day was a huge hit with children and adults

Science long term plan

Links to support learning at home

Animals including humans






Living things and their habitats








Evolution and Inheritance


Forces and Magnets


Earth and Space