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Hello everyone!
Today we woke up after a great nights sleep (yay!) and went to have a delicious breakfast of cereals, toast, bacon and beans!
After breakfast, we split into 2 groups and were told about our days activities. Group 1 (year 5) were to head to Runswick Bay by foot to go fossil hunting and rock pooling. Group 2 (year 6) were to go rock climbing first at the centre.
We had a great time in both groups. After a delicious lunch which consisted of sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, biscuits and fruit, we swapped over our activities.
During the rock climbing sessions we learnt: how to tie a figure of 8 knot, to trust each other a lot more, to challenge ourselves and that you need balance, flexibility and confidence to be a good rock climber. We also discovered our 'ape index'.
During rock pooling and fossil hunting we learnt about ammonites, crabs including hermits and shore crabs and limpets, we had a great time! 
We've just finished our activities and are about to have tea - chicken goujons, peas, carrots and potatoes. We've even got artic roll for pudding!

We'll write again tomorrow!
Love everyone in Class 3 xxx
Messages from home:
Hi family,
We are having a great time. Miss you so much. I have enjoyed rock climbing the most, then canoeing. We got very wet and had to wear soggy overalls!!!
Can't wait to see you soon,
Lots of love,
Molly xxx
Hi family,
I am really glad that  decided to come to East Barnby as we have had a great time so far. I am really enjoying all the activities we have to do day and night. My best activity so far has been sledging!
Lots of love,
Rose xxx
Hi family,
I am missing you lots. The night times are the most fun as we get to relax. But I have loved the sledging at night time.
Love you,
Mary xxx
Hi family,
Hope you are having a great time, I am having a fab time with my friends. I have enjoyed sledging the most! Missing you lots.
See you soon,
Love Bradley xxx

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