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Today started with a lonnnngg journey to East Barnby. We arrived at 11am and were shown to our rooms. Then we had time to unpack and had the treacherous job of making our beds!!! We helped each other and eventually they were done - nearly to Mrs Whild and Mrs Heys' satisfaction!


After this we met with our leaders, Jill, Dave and Derek, who explained a little about East Barnby. We spent some time with them before we went for our lunch. There was a choice of jacket potato, chicken nuggets, fish fingers or a bacon butty - yum yum!!


After lunch, we learnt we had a different activity in store for us today, we were going body boarding instead! Yay! We chose our wet suits and after much struggle we managed to get them on!  We travelled to Upgang near Sandsend and we practised using the body boards. We played lots of games in the sea and quickly got used to how cold it was! Even Mrs Heys and Mrs Whild had a go; everyone thought it was fabulous! We jumped and rode lots of waves and got very, very wet!


When we returned to our dormitories, we dried ourselves and had a fabulous hot shower! We got ready for tea time and headed up to the common room. For tea we had, pasta with bolognaise, chicken fajita or sweet and sour sauce or a burger. For pudding we had chocolate brownie and custard - scrumptious!


After that we went to the tuck shop (yay) and spent all our pennies! We watched a video about the John Muir Award we are going to be doing and then got our glamorous red waterproofs on and met at the ski slope. We sledged for an hour and had a fantastic time! It was so much fun, even with the water spraying us all the way down!


We have just had our supper and are going to head to bed soon, hopefully we will get some sleep!

We will write again tomorrow,


Much love,


Mrs Heys, Mrs Whild and Class 3.


Messages from the children:



Dear Mum, Dad, Georgina and Polly,

I am having a great time, the food is good. We had a great time body boarding, the waves are amazing. I also enjoyed sledging. Love Evie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Dear Mum and Dad,

I am having a great time at East Barnby. Today was a really fun day! The waves were really cool! When we were sledging, the slope was really springy! The food is tasty here and I can't wait for tomorrows adventure! Love from Ruby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Dear Mum, Dad and Annabel,

Having a great time at East Barnby. The water was cold during body boarding and the sledging was really fun! Been boiled by hot chocolate (I spilt in down myself - oops!). Hope you're having a good time! Love Daniel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Grace D: 

Dear Mum, Dad, Molly, Sherrie and Charlie,

I am missing you soooooo much! But I having a really good time! The food is great and the pudding is amazing! I love you all to the moon and back! Mummy, you do not have to be worries about me because I am in safe hands! The beds are really cosy and I will be brave without you! Lots of love from Grace D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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