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All was quiet in the Dales dormitory at 7 o'clock this morning. All was still quiet at half past...we were extremely sleepy this morning and some of us didn't wake up until 8 o'clock! Mrs Heys and Mrs Whild were very impressed and grateful for the extra half an hour sleep they managed to get this morning!


After our sleepy start, we got ready and went up to the canteen for yet another delicious breakfast. Today on the menu was sausages, beans/hoops, hash browns, toast and a selection of cereal - again we felt spoilt! Upon finishing breakfast, we went down to our meeting room to meet our instructors, Dave, Nikki and Jill and they told us about today's activities which were mountain biking and orienteering at Dalby Forest. We set off on our 45 minute journey to Dalby and sang lots of songs along the way!


We split up into 2 groups, Year 5 went orienteering first and Year 6 went mountain biking. The orienteering was really fun! We got to run around Dalby forest with a dibber and find the special sticks placed around the forest and dab them in the middle, then run back as fast as we could to the minibus! We were all exhausted afterwards! The mountain biking was great also! The track was really really bumpy and there were lots of jumps to have a go at and challenge ourselves. We went through a lot of trees and some of us fell off quite a lot - we were all ok though and eager to continue on our journey! At lunch time we swapped over! For lunch we had another treat of sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and apples! We needed to eat lots for the afternoon's activities! We then did the activity we didn't do in the morning and we had a fabulous time!


This evening we have begun to pack our rooms up and fold neatly (!) all of our clothes and put them away in our suitcases! We have had a break for dinner which tonight was either pizza and chips or chicken curry and rice! Both were incredible! For pudding it was sponge and custard! Scrumptious! A fantastic meal to end with!


We then visited the tuck shop for the last time and spent all our pennies! Mostly on tic tacs - The East Barnby obsession! Most of us are now enjoying our disco, we have some odd tastes in music but we are all learning to appreciate everyone's tastes! 


We are going to head back to our dorms soon, we have lots of packing to do and then we need a good nights sleep for tomorrow!




Lots of love,


Mrs Heys, Mrs Whild and Class 3 xxxxx




Hi mum and dad,

I can't wait to see you tomorrow! East Barnby was the BEST trip I've ever been on! The food was amazing! My favourite activity was body boarding and the waves were great! See you tomorrow! Lots of love, Ruby xxxxxx


Mrs Heys:

Dear Class 2 and all the lovely staff,

We have had an unbelievable time here at East Barnby! The children have all pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and challenged themselves! I am so proud of each and every one of them! We have had some great food, great nights sleep and great company! I am sad that it all has to end tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing you all, I hope you've been working hard! 

Lots of love,

Mrs Heys xxx

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