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Today started off in the best way possible- breakfast!! It was epic and exactly what we needed after our late night! We must've fallen asleep around midnight and we woke up at about 7 o'clock, we clearly needed our sleep!

We enjoyed our breakfast this morning which consisted of eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns and toast- yum yum! We needed to eat lots for breakfast today as we were going....CANOEING! Yay!

We got our red waterproof suits on and got on the minibuses. We drove to Ruswarp and unloaded the minibuses! We got into teams of 3 and got into our canoes. We had a little bit of time to practise manoeuvring in the water and then off we went! We learnt how to go round in circles and how to steer with our paddles, it was so much fun! 

A little while later, we came across a weir. We got the opportunity to slide in our canoes down the weir which looked fun! We happily shot down the weir and enjoyed a nice paddle to our lunch spot. We had a yummy lunch which consisted of sandwich, crisps, fruit, sultanas, flapjack and  biscuits! 

After lunch, we sailed into Whitby harbour, playing games along the way. When we arrived at the harbour, we were greeted by a seal! How fantastic! 

We packed our canoes and paddles back in the minibus and headed back to East Barnby. We had a super quick shower and then had our tea! Tea tonight consisted of lasagne or fish and chips. For pudding, it was apple crumble and custard, mmmmm! 

Tonight we have had a chance to go on the low ropes, that was fun but quite dark! We needed our torches and we all challenged ourselves. 

We've just had supper, hot chocolate, marshmallows and a biscuit! 

We are heading to bed now as we have another busy day tomorrow! 

Lots of love,

Mrs Heys, Mrs Whild and class 3 xxxx

Dear family,
I hope you are having a good time at home. I would like to wish dad a happy birthday for tomorrow! :-) I hope that everyone is well, including Murphy! We are having a nice time at East Barnby and we've been doing lots of fun activities. Can't wait to see you! Lots of love, Isabella xxxx

Dear mum and Andrew,
Are you having fun at home? I've enjoyed it here! My favourite thing was canoeing! Hope to see you soon. Love from Aimee xxxx

Dear everyone,
We are having lots of fun here at East Barnby. My favourite thing was body boarding because we got to have fun in the sea! Hope you're ok! Love from Abster xxxx

Dear parents, Henry and Elody,
Missing you lots but having a great time! Hope you're ok! I went body boarding the first day- I loved it! See you on Friday! Byeeee! George 

To mum, dad and Tilda,
I am missing you loads! On the first day we went body boarding and I really enjoyed it! Today we went canoeing and it was really fun because I saw a seal! I hope you're not missing me too much! See you soon! Love you lots, Anieke xxxx

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