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For breakfast today we had bacon, beans and toast or coco pops! It was yummy, a good way to start the day! 

After breakfast we got kitted out in our stylish red waterproofs and boarded our minibuses to Roseberry Topping. We split into groups and started our ascent to the top! The year 5 group took a leisurely meander up to the top whilst the year 6 group had a more gruelling task of climbing up a near vertical muddy cliff to the top! It was quite a challenge for all! When we arrived at the top, we enjoyed our delicious lunch which consisted of a yummy sandwich, crisps (even tomato ketchup flavour today!!), raisins, a biscuit, a sausage roll and a banana! We are definitely being well fed here! The wind was howling so we took shelter behind the rock. After lunch, we started our descent down the hill and had fun climbing trees and rolling down hills in the rain! 

At around 3 o'clock, we started our journey to the beck! We split into groups again and faced a challenging walk/climb/wade along the beck! We had many activities along the way including: a water slide, cave exploration, clambering over and through rocks, floating in the water (with a bit of swimming) and then the best activity of all... the Looney Leap! The Looney Leap involved climbing up and over a steep rock and then falling, feet first, into a deep lagoon! It was freezing!! We all felt adequately challenged today and some of us really faced and conquered our fears! We are all feeling proud of ourselves but very, very cold! 

We boarded the minibuses are returned back to camp for a much needed and much deserved shower! Then it was tea time! For tea tonight we had a choice of pork roast dinner, with all the trimmings, or pasta bake! Scrumptious! For pudding we had an old favourite of arctic roll and jelly! 

This evening we were all feeling tired so we had a chilled night spent in either the art room or hunting aliens around the camp! We had some time in the tuck shop as Mrs Heys and Mrs Whild were super impressed when they carried out our room inspections! They are very kind and looking after us well! :-)

We have just had our supper, hot chocolate with marshmallows and a chocolate biscuit! It's bed time now! Goodnight for us all!

Lots of love,

Mrs Heys, Mrs Whild and Class 3 xxxxxx

Dear everyone at school,
I hope you are enjoying your school work! We are having lots of fun here and learning lots as well! I was so proud of myself today when I climbed Roseberry Topping! We had climbed up an almost vertical cliff, it was very difficult! I am missing you all, especially Mrs Townson! See you on Friday! Love Isabella xxxx

Dear mum, dad, Georgina and Polly,
I had a great time climbing up Roseberry Topping. It was really fun coming down. Beck scrambling was challenging and exciting and awesome! I love you, goodnight! Evie xxx

Dear mum, dad and James,
Today was great. The beck was really cold! Everyone's faces were hilarious! We had to go through cracks in the rocks. Climbing Roseberry Topping was fun. We went up an edge/cliff thingy (technical term!). Evie lost her bottle twice down the hill so Dave, our instructor/guy thingy (again, technical term!) had to go and retrieve it! It was very muddy! Goodnight, miss you! Love you! Helena xxxx

Dear mummy, daddy and Annabel,
We scrambled through a freezing beck and we slid off a rock into the beck! We climbed Roseberry Topping. Really missing you! Love Daniel xxxxx

Dear mum and dad,
I'm having a great time! It's really fun. Today we scrambled through a beck and went through a river which was freezing. We went climbing up Roseberry Topping; it was very steep and tiring. I miss you lots! Love Ruby xxxx

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