Welcome to Burton Leonard Church of England (VC) Primary School

We are proud to welcome you to Burton Leonard Church of England (VC) Primary School.

Our school is an exciting, nurturing place to be, our children say they love coming to school and are actively involved in planning and leading learning. Our vision is clear and we set high aspirations for all learners;

‘With God’s help, we do all we can to be the best we can be’ Philippians 4:13

Inspire, Believe, Respect, Achieve – Together We Shine

A place where everyone matters and we happily flourish in our Christian community

Inspire: To inspire enthusiasm for learning for life; to provide an inspirational range of experiences to develop the whole child both inside and outside the classroom; to inspire and develop robust and resilient problem solvers who understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the pursuit of success.

Believe: To create rounded children for the future; responsible, well-adjusted, polite, independent learners who are self –motivated and life-long learners; to promote belief in ourselves, belief in others and confidence in the truth; to have courage; to believe you have the power, believe you have the influence and believe you can affect change.

Respect: To actively teach consideration and respect so that it permeates our lives and the lives of others; to help and serve others.

Achieve: To set our goals, to put in effort, skill and courage into our accomplishments and persevere to attain the best possible outcomes; to provide a progressive sequential curriculum across all subject areas and to cater for each and every child who enters our school all terms of knowledge, skills and abilities – the bar is set high and differently for everyone.

We thrive on working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for all our children and enjoy positive partnerships with our families. We pride ourselves on our links with the community.

Mrs Rebecca Wolfe


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  Parents are encouraged to work closely with the school, and there are lots of rewarding opportunities to get involved - such as being a governor, working as part of Friends of Burton Leonard, helping readers in class, the list goes on!  The staff are incredibly dedicated and are key in making the school the happy, caring environment that it is. 


I like choosing my learning, choosing to play babies with the prams.

I like writing stories like the Gingerbread Man.

I love all my teachers because they are really good at teaching us things and I love when it is birthdays because we get sweeties.

As a parent, I look for a school that not only supports and challenges pupils academically, but that is concerned also with developing the child as a whole - academically, spiritually, creatively and morally.  Burton Leonard puts the pupils at the centre of decision making processes and aims to bring out the very best in every child.


Thank you all for making my son feel so cherished.