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Fabulous FOBLS raise thousands of pounds every year to make our school an exciting place to be! What a team!

The Friends of Burton Leonard School (FoBLS) are our amazing team of adults who help to run events for adults of our community to raise funds for fun events and treats for our children here at Burton Leonard. On this webpage, you will find a list of upcoming events, reminders and recaps of the wonderful work that FoBLS does for our children!

Upcoming Events:

Friday 9th February - End of Term Disco

FoBLS Recaps:

Term 2 Fun!

What a term FoBLS have had! There is so much to talk about so here goes! They have had a second-hand uniform sale, the tuck shop returned, the Christmas Jumper Swap happened, non-school uniform days, movie night and they held our very successful Christmas Raffle as well. A busy, busy term filled with building up the children and the school to have the best experiences of our school! Bravo to you, FoBLS!

Pumpkin Fun 'n' Games

Our pumpkin fun and games were a wonderful mix of joy and spookiness! We had fantastic witches, zombies, wizards and all the like! Thank you to everyone who came to help out and for any donations that were given as well!

Pumpkin Carving!

Our annual pumpkin carving competition was a fantastic success again with memorable entries ranging from Bowser from the Mario games to a Pumpkin Spiced Latte Pumpkin from Starbucks! Please see the wonderful entries from our talented children below.

Owl Class Bake Sale!

The Owl Class Bake Sale last Friday was a "hooting" success! Despite a downpour of fantasy proportions, FoBLS and the families of Owl Class hosted a wonderful bake sale raising money for our fantastic school. Thank you Owl Class!

The School Quiz Returns!

FoBLS have done it again hosting a full quiz for our families and community here in Burton Leonard. With questions ranging from The Tiger Who Came to Tea to Albert Einstein, there was a question for everyone. A nail-biting finale came when two teams had tied on score at the end of the quiz and an emergency tie breaker question concocted by children of the school had to be used. Well done to FoBLS and thank you to the Village Post Office for the helping with the delicious chilli!

Climbing Wall Returns!

FoBLS have used the wonderful funds that have been raised in previous fundraisers to bring the climbing wall back to us! The children had a fabulous time scaling the dizzying heights and finding achievement in their self belief to push themselves further than they ever had before. Well done, Burton Leonard!

Summer Raffle 2023


Curry, Bingo and Promise Auction Night

What a fantastic time we had last night at the Curry, Bingo and Promise Auction Night! The curry (kindly provided by Burton Leonard Post Office) was fantastic and brought a wonderful warmth to all cheeks in the room. The bingo was a great success and tense throughout. The Promise Auction was a hit and thank you to everyone who bid on and brought lots to the school; through those donations, we raised a phenomenal amount. Thank you to Rachael Norman and Catherine Seymour for being our fabulous bingo callers/auctioneers. We raised over £3,000 for Burton Leonard and can't wait to see what that money can be turned into for our children.