Burton Leonard Church of England Primary School

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Physical Education


The intent of our primary school physical education curriculum is to promote holistic development and well-being. Through dynamic and inclusive lessons, we aim to foster a lifelong love of physical activity, encouraging teamwork, resilience, and the development of essential motor skills. Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, empowering students to make positive choices that enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment, we aim to cultivate confidence, leadership, and a sense of responsibility towards oneself and others.

Our P.E. curriculum is designed to be engaging, challenging, and inclusive, providing students with a wide range of opportunities to develop their physical literacy and personal skills. Through a variety of activities such as team sports, individual challenges, and fitness-based exercises, we cater to different interests and abilities while promoting values of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship. Our lessons are carefully structured to develop fundamental movement skills, coordination, and spatial awareness, laying the foundation for a lifetime of physical activity and well-being. We also incorporate cooperative games and group challenges to foster teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, promoting a sense of belonging and mutual support among students.

Our P.E. curriculum has a profound impact on the physical, social, and emotional development of our students, equipping them with essential skills and values that extend far beyond the sports field. By promoting regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, we empower students to take ownership of their well-being and make positive choices that benefit themselves and others. Through participation in team sports and cooperative activities, students develop important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and resilience, preparing them for success in all aspects of their lives. The values of love, courage, and service are woven throughout our curriculum, guiding students to demonstrate respect, empathy, and support for their peers, and fostering a sense of community and belonging. As a result, our students graduate with the confidence, resilience, and interpersonal skills needed to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world, ready to make a positive impact on their own lives and the lives of others.


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