Burton Leonard Church of England Primary School

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Our primary school modern foreign languages curriculum aims to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of other languages and cultures, while fostering the school. Through engaging and interactive lessons, we inspire curiosity and enthusiasm for learning new languages, encouraging empathy, respect, and a sense of global citizenship. By exploring different languages and cultural practices, we empower students to become effective communicators and open-minded individuals in a diverse world.

Our MFL curriculum is designed to be immersive and inclusive, providing students with varied opportunities to engage with new languages. Through conversational practice, multimedia resources, cultural activities, and interactive games, we make language learning enjoyable and relevant. Lessons are structured to promote listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, encouraging active participation and confidence. We incorporate diverse cultural perspectives and real-life contexts, ensuring that students understand the practical and cultural significance of language learning.

Our MFL curriculum significantly impacts students' personal and academic development, helping them become confident, respectful, and culturally aware individuals. By fostering a love for language learning, we inspire lifelong interest and proficiency in foreign languages. Students develop empathy and understanding for diverse cultures, promoting global citizenship and intercultural competence. Guided by the values of love, courage, and service, they learn to communicate with respect and act with social responsibility. Graduates are prepared to engage with an interconnected world, contributing positively to their communities and fostering international understanding.


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