Burton Leonard Church of England Primary School

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The intent of our Geography curriculum is to foster a profound understanding and appreciation of the world around us. Through dynamic and exploratory lessons, we aim to ignite a passion for exploration and stewardship of the Earth, encouraging love and empathy for the planet and its inhabitants, a responsibility to provide a service and the commitment to making a positive difference in our communities and beyond. By studying the landscapes, ecosystems, cultures, and human interactions that shape our planet, we seek to empower our students to become global citizens who are knowledgeable, compassionate, and proactive in addressing environmental and social challenges.

Implementation Statement:

Our geography curriculum is immersive and inclusive, providing diverse opportunities for students to engage with the world. Through fieldwork, map skills, digital technologies, and collaborative projects, we bring geography to life. Lessons promote inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving, encouraging exploration of real-world issues and creative solutions. We incorporate diverse perspectives and cross-curricular links, catering to different learning styles and abilities.



Our geography curriculum shapes informed, responsible, and compassionate individuals committed to positive change. By fostering a love for exploration and connection to the Earth, we inspire lifelong stewardship and advocacy. Students develop empathy, understanding, and respect for diverse cultures and perspectives, promoting global citizenship. Guided by values of love, courage, and service, they act with integrity, empathy, and social responsibility. Pupils are prepared to navigate an interconnected world, contributing meaningfully to communities and creating positive change.


geography curriculum map.pdf


geography progression of knowledge and skills.pdf


geography progression of key concepts.pdf