School Day

School hours


8.55 -12.00

12.00 – 13.00 lunchtime

13.00 -15.30

Children will be supervised in the playground from 8.45am by our Parent Link Worker, Mrs Brown. Teaching staff are also on the playground from 8.50am to talk to parents.


We pride ourselves on our excellent attendance records here at Burton Leonard.

We are required to record reasons for children’s absence, therefore please notify the school of the reason why your child is not in school. For safety reasons, we ask for a telephone call on each day of absence, before 9.00am. If we do not hear from parents, we will make contact with all named adults on your contact list. To keep our children safe, if we still do not hear from parents we will contact the police.  Your child will receive a late mark if in school after 9.10am.

The school playground is open from 8.45am with our Parent Support Worker supervising. Teachers will be available on the playground from 8.50am to talk with parents.