Half Term Round-up Term 3

Welcome to our third, thankful 'Half-term Round-Up'!  A celebration of all thing Burton Leonard School which rounds up all the fabulous learning from the half-term. Take a peek into the wonderful world of Burton Leonard Primary School, how our children shine and really make a difference!

As a school...

FOBLs Disco

A fabulous time was had by all at the FOBLs disco on the Friday before the half term break. It was great to see the children enjoying themselves. There was some amazing dancing on display! A big thank you to the FOBLs for organising such a super event!

Welcome Miss Dunster

This term, Miss Dunster joined the Burton Leonard teaching team. Miss Dunster will be teaching Kestrel Class alongside Mr Stace and Mrs Thomas until the end of May. Miss Dunster is an experienced KS2 teacher, who has already brought lots of exciting ideas and experience to our team during her first term with us.

Owl Class Developments

Our Owl Class outdoor provision has really developed over the half term break and this term and it has been a real joy observing the children in their learning. A huge thank you to the parents and community, who have given up so much of their time to create, make, source and donate. We now have a very impressive mud kitchen area, as well as many other new and exciting areas of provision. Miss Newell is making some amazing improvements and we are so excited about what is coming next!

Garden Centre Visit

Owl Class had a very exciting visit from Harrogate Garden Centre today. The centre has donated lots of items to support school and it was super to have them in school, so that our younger pupils could quiz them on all things gardening!

Potato Competition

We had an unexpected visitor in Church today – Sophie from Bishop Monkton came along to our celebration to share news of an exciting Potato Competition that Rev Robb has been telling us all about! School will be participating in this challenge and will soon each class will receive a seed potato and a bucket to grow it in, along with the rules and instructions. Classes will then have to look after their potato bucket to get as big a harvest as they can! There will then be a grand weigh-in date and prizes awarded for the heaviest overall crop.

Mother’s Day Shop

We do hope that all our lovely mums have a fantastic day on Sunday and enjoy the lovely treats the children have been organising for you this week. A big thank you to Mrs Wainwright, Granny Lesley, Mrs Peacock and FOBLS for organising such wonderful activities and treats.

Parent Consultations

Next week Owl, Merlin and Kite Class Parent Consultations will be underway. Teachers are looking forward to sharing your child’s learning and progress with you either in person or via Teams. Please expect the following updates from your meeting next week:

  • pastoral
  • attendance
  • current attainment/predicted attainment for the end of the year
  • progress since September
  • next steps and what school are doing to support this
  • what parents can do to support at home


From FoBLS

FoBLS have been working hard to plan many things to celebrate Burton Leonard School including the End of School Term Disco for the children! Please head to the FoBLS page on the website to learn a little more about their events that have happened!



We have been learning about Robert Falcon Scott and Neil Armstrong in History this half term. We have been learning all about Robert’s mission to the South Pole and the Apollo 11 Moon landing. We spent time comparing clothing for different explorers in different environments and discussed why their clothing is suited specifically for their mission. For example, we talked about how on the back of the spacesuit is a backpack that holds oxygen so astronauts can breathe. We also discussed how the backpack holds water. We then spent some time making our own rockets out of recycled materials!

Art Week

The last week of this half term has been Art Week. At the start of the week we identified primary colours and explored how to make secondary colours using finger painting. We then put our understanding of colour mixing into practice to recreate our own versions of the artwork ‘0-9’ by artist Jasper Johns. We then moved onto printing with paint and used building blocks and other everyday objects to create prints; painting and stamping blocks to create patterns, pictures and letters and combining colours on the page. Reception enjoyed painting outside, painting to music and creating collage pictures! As it has also been Children’s Mental Health Week, we spent some time talking about how art can make a powerful contribution to our mental wellbeing. We discussed how making art helps people express themselves.


In English this half term we have been reading the story Little Red by Lynn Roberts. In the story the wolf eats grandma and Little Red gives the wolf some ginger beer and he burps grandma back out again! To help us think of some amazing adjectives, we all tried some ginger beer and thought of words to describe how it tasted. Some of these words included yummy, fizzy, spicy or... yucky! Reception enjoyed creating story maps in our outdoor area with chalks and acting out the story using face masks and small world characters. We then spent time doing some Talk for Writing and we innovated the story. We changed certain parts of the story to create our own versions and then spent some time writing this up using the story maps we created.


Coming Soon!



In Kites this term, we have been making Stone Age painting using crushed charcoal and paint that we made ourselves using flour and water and different spices like cumin, cinnamon and turmeric. We have been doing this in a way that emulates the work of people during the Stone Age harkening back to the art and book we studied last year called Stone Age Boy.





This term in PSHE, we have been studying what it means to be a citizen in our world. We have looked at the way our country is governed in many different ways. We started by exploring the way the court system works by acting out the court case of Goldilocks VS Bears Three with court stenographer Charlotte and presided over by the Right Honourable Harry A! The defence and the prosecution argued on great points over one another and the jury of Goldilocks peers found her innocent on the crimes of Breaking and Entering and on Destruction of Property. We have also studied the power that pressure groups have in our country and what our role is both in terms of protecting our planet and being a part of our community.


The children have worked their absolute socks off in maths this term. We have been focussing on our understanding of decimal fractions and have been practising our Arithmetic skills with a constant stream of tips and tricks from Mr Stace. Our weekly arithmetic test is a testament to the effort we are putting into our maths. Our scores and proof of understanding has gone from strength to strength with our Year 5 classmates, who are completing the test as it is good practice as well as to support our Year 6 classmates, are doing fantastically well themselves proving they are a force not to be messed with!


This term we have also gone into overdrive on our push for reading and more specifically, Reading for Pleasure. In our Guided Reading sessions, we have been reading Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow by Benjamin Dean. This book has been a wonderful read that has helped to strengthen our reading speed and comprehension as well as opened the door for some thoughtful and respectful discussions into Pride, LGBTQIA+ and the origins of Pride as a protest for equal rights. We now have half an hour after lunch dedicated to reading and Mr Stace and Mrs Thomas have been reading with us 1 to 1 to develop our comprehension abilities. Finally, we have started a new class reading book that is just for the pleasure of reading and we have chosen Skellig by  David Almond as our first book!