Remote Learning

Celebrating our home learning! We worked closely with our families to make home learning fun!

We asked our families for feedback and how we could improve:

‘Honestly it’s all been great! The newer maths sheets (the level and the flexibility with having additional sheets and harder sheets we can engage in), English, the fab writing opportunities in every subject, which have really really brought x’s hand writing on!, geography (we loved learning about and writing about the rainforests), science (he will remember his practical learning with magnets), art (x loves his Tuesdays drawing with Rob), music (he even joined in Class 3’s music! He loves music)!

‘The way you all turned the school around to online teaching in one day was remarkable! You were obviously well-prepared!’

‘The organisation of the work is fantastic. Everything is dated and instructions are clear. Also, we are provided with all equipment such as white boards etc. which is great.’

‘It’s making him excited to learn and it’s interesting for me!’

‘I love that …gets three input sessions a day from his teachers, which are just the right amount of time …wants to be in front of his teacher/other children on a screen.  I think the work … has been set across the board is the perfect amount – he can do all the tasks independently but is also challenged.  We absolutely love the packs each week so we don’t have to worry about printing anything out and it is organised so well.’

‘As a parent I have found it very educational, being able to be a part of the lessons helps me understand how my children are taught so that I am able to help them better.’

 ‘My children have enjoyed being together learning, my eldest has helped his sister at times, and my youngest has been able to participate in the “Draw with Rob” sessions with her brother.’

‘X really enjoys the craft activities and I think linking them to the new phonemes is great. He is also very interested in learning about the world so has been inspired by learning about the UK (especially the Loch Ness Monster).’

‘Geography and Science have been favourites with the children as they are more creative and hands on but way more time consuming for parents so currently a good balance.’

‘Great guidelines to follow and can see a clear plan for the week ahead. Lots of craft activities which go down well here and keep her concentration. All the materials sent home for every activity, including craft, are fab. It’s great we still receive reading books home too.’

‘The work packs have been fantastic, they are set out very well. Creative activities are the most enjoyable!’

‘All the worksheets which the children can do on their own without too much support.’

‘Learning a wide range of topics and is enjoying History and Geography.’

‘Enjoys getting praise on her work which encourages her to do well. Feedback is daily from the teachers and we can email or ring at anytime.’

‘Variety of learning, seeing her class mates and connection with staff’

‘A big well done to the staff – they have been very helpful when I’ve emailed them and Mrs Richardson kindly dropped off a learning pack when we were self-isolating. Thank you so much.’

‘I like the ‘must do’ and ‘optional/ extension’ maths so that you can do as much or as little as worked for you on any given day.’

‘The extra maths has brought her confidence on.’

‘I like the grammar exercises where x can practice handwriting, the daily and the English story writing where she can sue technology to get her ideas down. She really has been able to show her handwriting and creative writing skills with the varied tasks with your supportive and flexible approach. Helped her confidence lots.’

‘Short tasks and daily repetition work really well for us and also give us the flexibility to fit them into our day.’

‘Loves Charanga and the music lessons!’

‘Enjoyed Geography and the drawing assignments and science, especially watching everyone else’s presentations, loving the practical learning.’

‘Varied work that keeps her interested. Individual and personal feedback which is great. Interactive lessons are particularly great. She enjoys Collective Worship and Celebration Assembly. Events which bring us together as a school family!’

‘During the first lock down (prior to … starting at school) we struggled to engage … with topics she wasn’t already comfortable with, she only wanted to learn about things she already knew how to do. Now she loves a challenge and can’t wait to get started with the latest topics and worksheets.’