Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is built upon our school vision - 'To love our neighbour, enabling everyone to shine and make a difference in the world'; which is demonstrated through our chosen values of love, courage and service.   It is grown from and pertinent to the strengths and needs of our children, family and community and begins with the Bible story of 'The Good Samaritan', from which our vision has grown.  It is based upon the context and needs of our pupils' local area, in line with government requirements and educational research.

Our curriculum contains a number of 'curriculum ribbons';

  • community & heritage 
  • spirituality 
  • diversity
  • wellbeing 
  • dreams and aspirations 
  • enterprise. 

Our ribbons ensure enriched opportunities for our children within our curriculum, enabling them to shine personally, spiritually and academically.  Our curriculum is ambitious, enabling our children to be well-rounded individuals, who are the voices of the future, making a difference in the world.

Long Term Plan Year A 2022 - 2023

Long Term Plan Year B 2023 - 2024

Year A Long term curriculum plan 2022-2023

Year B Long term curriculum plan 2023-2024