‘Equipped for the digital age!’ 

Living in a digital age our computing curriculum is super exciting with our children learning how to code and program from an early age! We build on the skills that our children come to school with and teach them about e-safety and their digital footprint to enable them to be safe and happy users. Lego robotics and code bug programming, website creation, animation features and blogging are firm favourites with our children.

Quotes from parents

"The key message given to parents at the excellent e-safety presentation was to talk with your children about what they are doing online, have the computer in a communal room and sit with them and get them to show you what they are doing online. We need to be aware of their online activities and build up trust so that they feel able to discuss any concerns with you now or in the future. Setting boundaries and changing privacy settings or parental controls is important, but giving our children the opportunity to talk about what they are doing is more important."

‘Tim Pinto’s session was really informative and helpful. He didn’t just alert us to what to watch out for on-line but also gave suggestions on how to avoid issues. Well worth attending.’

‘In one sense it was great to go to an e-safety meeting that wasn’t just about the dangers but we were provided with sound practical advice to take home with us. I went straight home and turned off  the chat feature in Roblox as I previously wasn’t aware it was a feature the children had access to on our family iPad.’

‘It was great to have an opportunity to talk to other parents about anxieties about our children being online at home and their growing digital life.’

Progression in Vocabulary in Computing

Computing sequences of learning Year A

Computing sequences of learning Year B

Computing learning sequence overview

UKCIS Education  for a Connected World

Progression in Vocabulary in Computing

Online Safety Progression in the SoW

Glossary of online safety terms 2020

This year, children in Class 3 created their own online safety short films to celebrate Safer Internet Day.

The pupils worked collaboratively in small groups to develop scripts and storyboards over a three week period before beginning filming.  Everyone met the challenges of learning new skills during the editing workshops and producing their final films.

Please join us in celebrating their achievements and enjoy watching a sample of the films below.