Phonics and Reading Policy 2022-2025

Phonic sessions are taught in 20 minute daily sessions in EYFS and KS1 with the aim to prepare our children to be happy confident readers and writers.  In KS2 the approach is carried on in grammar, punctuation and spelling sessions and children who need extra support access the daily phonics teaching. We follow the approach as outlined in Bug Club Phonics. In EYFS our children enjoy learning phonics through activity based learning including singing, dancing and actions using Jolly Phonics.

All children are required to sit the statutory Phonics Screening Check in June of Year 1. Children who do not meet the standard redo the check in June of Year 2.

‘I like it when we do the writing with all of the big words.’ Lochlan

‘I like when we all read a word together when we put our sound buttons on.’ Jessica

‘I love it when we do a split vowel digraph and when a ‘c’ is followed by a ‘e’  ‘i’ or ‘y’ it says a soft ‘s’ sound and if a ‘g’ is followed by a ‘e’  ‘i’ or ‘y’ it says a ‘j’ sound. I like playing swap and trugs and when we go through the magic gate.’ Michael

‘I enjoy phonics because you learn about letters and we learn new sounds called phonemes like ‘ph’ in elephant and ‘wh’ in who and when.’ Honey

‘I like it when we play trugs, swap and other games like speedwriting to beat our records. We learn signs to help us remember phonemes.’ Jack