We hold the Primary Science Silver Quality Mark!. 

Science sequences of learning

Science learning sequence overview

We love exploring our wonderful world in our science lessons.

“Taught weekly, hands-on, collaborative thinking, practical and fun – this is us!”

Our work in Science is planned from the North Yorkshire Scheme of Work. We have exciting WOW science lessons built into our curriculum with hands-on opportunities to learn basic scientific concepts. Our children have the opportunity to dissect hearts and eyeballs as well as create lava lamps, balloon hovercrafts, storm clouds in a jar, colourful flower experiments and kitchen experiments with lemons, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. We hold whole school themed science days to see progression in skills and knowledge across all ages. Our Bubble Science Day was a huge hit with children and adults

Science quote from our dads

“Who killed Dilly the Dinosaur” science experiment -what a fantastic event that was. I thought all the children were really engaged they obviously had the debate elements and the questioning and analytical side to it but I could not believe how much I enjoyed it. It was honestly one of the best school events I have been to . I would have loved to have seen the children make some of their decisions and seen the thought process end to end.

Some of the comments from the chap who ran the session were fantastic. The children were a real credit……. great event!!!!!

‘I wish I could go back to school and go to their school…’


Links to support learning at home

Animals including humans






Living things and their habitats








Evolution and Inheritance


Forces and Magnets


Earth and Space




Our School Trip to Newcastle

By Grace Year 3

The whole school went to the Life Centre in Newcastle.

First, we travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt. We mummified chicken by putting it in salt and leaving it to dehydrate. We also got a vulture and took out its stomach, lungs, intestines, brains and liver. We left the heart in the body because Egyptians believe that is where a person’s soul is. We wrapped the vulture in bandages and place it in a sarcophagus.
We travelled through time back to the present day and went on a 4D motion ride. A robot took us on a tour of the world and space. We went into a planetarium and learnt about the star, their constellations and the planets.
After lunch we explore the Curiosity Zone. My favourite part was the cold wall made from ice.
Next was the Brain Zone. We saw a real brain! It was so cool. We drank out of a toilet. There were smells that could remind us of things and I could smell mouthwash. Then we saw a show about bridges. We learnt about all the seven bridges in Newcastle that cross the Tyne. My favourite was the Gateshead Millennium Bridge is slightly shorter as it is a great shape and the sixteenth tallest structure in the city.
The last thing we saw were the robots. There were many different ones. My favourite was the very last one with two little baby robots that help poorly children learn.
Then it was time to get the bus back to school.