Teacher: Miss Newell

Year Groups: EYFS & Year 1

Support Staff: Mrs Hewson, Mrs Cummings and Mr Stace

Forest School: Year 1 = Term 4 and EYFS = Term 5

Owl Class will have PE lessons on Tuesdays with Mr Ian Irving and on Friday with Mrs Leader.

They must have an apron and a bag of spare clothes on their pegs and a pair of rubber shoes (like Crocs) for in the classroom.

Homework consists of weekly practice on NumBots, phonics and reading with an adult at least 3 times a week.

Forest School happens for Year 1 in the second Spring term and Reception in the first Summer term.

Welcome back to school everyone and an especially warm welcome to all our new Reception children and their families. It has been so lovely to see all the children at school in their new school uniforms and with lots of happy smiles.

We had our first visit to St Leonards Church this term and the Reception children truly deserved their “Star of the Week” certificates. They have had a fabulous first week and are already familiar with so many of our classroom routines. The Year 1 children are really proud to welcome the new children to our class and have also been superstars this week.

As we are settling in, I just wanted to clarify some queries and hopefully answer some of your questions about classroom routines for children in Owl Class (Reception and Year 1).

Timetable and StaffMonday - Miss Newell, Mrs Hewson

Tuesday – Miss Newell, Mrs Hewson

Wednesday am –  Miss Newell, Mrs Hewson Wednesday pm -Foundation Subjects - Mrs Hewson, Mr Stace (Music, Computing)

Thursday – Miss Newell, Mrs Cummings

Friday - Miss Newell, Mrs Cummings

Learning This Half-Term



Year 1

English Phase 2 phonics, reading, early writing, nursery rhymes Phase 4/5 phonics, reading, spelling, writing based on “Cave Baby”
Maths Match, sort and compare Talk about measure and patterns Place value within 10 Addition within 10
Science The children will visit these subjects as they explore their learning in the areas of learning in the indoor and outdoor classroom. Our themes this half term are “All About Me” and “Autumn”. Animals Seasonal Changes
History Significant People – Mary Seacole, Alan Turing, George Stephenson, Emmeline Pankhurst
RE Creation Creation
PSHE Me and my relationships Me and my relationships
Computing Online safety Using computing with adult support to enhance the Reception curriculum Online safety Grouping and sorting
Music My stories Everyone My stories Everyone
PE Balance and movement Rugby Balance and movement Rugby
Art Drawing-Marvellous marks The children will visit these subjects as they explore their learning in the areas of learning in the indoor and outdoor classroom. Our themes this half term are “All About Me” and “Autumn”. Drawing – Make your mark


Everyday Essentials

When children come to school each day, they should bring their water bottle, a waterproof coat/jacket and their book bag. The children will bring their water bottle home each evening to be cleaned and refilled. The children all have a red book bag in which they will have a reading book, a reading record book and a clear plastic wallet with phoneme and word cards. Please leave these items in their book bag. Teachers will record what your child has been reading in school in their reading record and continually add phoneme and word cards to their clear plastic wallet. Please comment on your child’s reading in their reading record book each time you have heard them read at home.


Your child will read 3 times a week in school and the book they have been reading will be sent home at the end of the week alongside a previous book they have read to revisit. It will be collected at the end of the following week and replaced with a new book. Over four or five sessions at home please focus on phonemes and vocabulary on the front cover, reading two or three times to develop reading with prosody (fluency and expression) and reading for comprehension. Please talk to your child about unusual or unfamiliar words they may encounter in their reading book. These are outlined on the front cover of the book and discussion of these is important to develop good understanding and extend their vocabulary. Children in Reception will bring home phonic flashcards in a clear plastic wallet and will have a homework book to practise these in. Children in Year 1 will be sent spellings to practise at home. These will be sent home on a Tuesday and the children will have a spelling test in class the following Monday. They will also have Maths homework in the form of Numbots for Year 1 and White Rose 1 Minute Maths for Reception. I will meet with both Reception and Year 1 parents on Tuesday 19th September at 3:45 to explain our approach to teaching reading and spelling in school and to share information about the Year 1 phonic screening check at the end of Year 1. This meeting will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Library Books

Your child will bring home a core Reception or Year 1 text each Wednesday which they should return the following Wednesday. These are ten Reception texts and ten Year 1 texts which your children will become very familiar with over the year. Please enjoy reading them with your children. Year 1 children will enjoy reading them to you as they develop reading confidence.

PE Kit, PE Pumps and Crocs

We do PE in school on a Tuesday and a Friday. On these days your child should come to school dressed in their PE kit (black tracksuit/shorts, white t shirt and trainers) every Tuesday and Friday. They do not need to wear school uniform on that day and do not need to bring in PE kit bags. In very cold or wet weather the children will do PE in the school hall. Children will need spare clothes in case of any accidents. Please send them in to be kept in school in a drawstring bag. Please could a pair of black pumps also be kept in this bag. These are useful for indoor PE lessons and for our Christmas performance. Thank you also for providing your children with a pair of croc type shoes to wear indoors.


Children in Reception and Year 1 are provided with a piece of fruit or vegetable every day as part of a government scheme. They therefore do not need to bring a snack with them to school.

Show and Tell

Children always love opportunities to “show and tell” interesting activities they have been doing at home. Reception children may bring a photograph, object, leaflet etc to share with their friends on a Tuesday. As an alternative you can send a photograph to my school email address and your child can share their photograph on the smartboard in our class. Year 1 children will have a “show and tell” session on a Tuesday following a school holiday.

Classroom Rewards

We love sharing all the good things your children have done! In class the children are rewarded with lots of praise and stickers. We have a “Star of the Day” at the end of each day and special certificates are rewarded to our “Stars of the Week” during Celebration Collective Worship on a Friday in church. A very special Headteacher’s Award is also awarded in church on a Friday.

Our Special People

In our class we have a display of “Our Special People”. The children love to be able to go and look at a photograph of their families on this display. Please could you send a photograph of your child and their special people or send one to my school email and I will print them and display them in the classroom.


We will be available to catch up with you at the beginning or end of each day. You are also welcome to contact me via my school email or indeed to call me at school. We are always more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have. For a more private conversation please talk with me to arrange an appointment. My school email address is: enewell@burtonleonard.n-yorks.sch.uk. I will send and reply to emails between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

We look forward to working with you and your children throughout this year and have lots of fun and exciting learning opportunities planned for them. Please be reassured that we will take the very best care of your children. Their happiness and wellbeing is what is most important to us all.